Mergers and Acquisition Services

Are you planning to change the playing field of the market but struggling to analyze the supplier and contract risks of target business? Are your forecasting synergies and benefits through contractual analysis?

One of the most complex challenges companies must deal with during any merger and acquisition involves supplier management, supplier alignment, supplier consolidation and transitioning. Procuretel’s extensive on-the-ground experience in mergers and acquisitions within the ICT industry can help your organization during this process so that you can concentrate on effectively managing critical decision making.

Procuretel’s Merger and Acquisition Services include pre-merger or pre-acquisition supplier due diligence, supplier management and communications, supplier consolidation strategy development and execution, Supplier Agreements renegotiations, and pricing benchmarking against the relevant market to assist in generating maximum savings through consolidations.

Contact us today to learn how Procuretel can unlock potential value by implementing supplier consolidation strategies and effectively renegotiating supplier agreements during a merger or an acquisition.


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