Market Research and Intelligence

Are you unable to get a holistic view on supplier landscape and risks associated to a new product line?

With complex and rapid technological shifts in IT and Telecom Industry, extensive market research becomes extremely critical for all telecom service providers before embarking on a new business opportunity or product line. Whether it’s in relation to procurement of IOT devices to fulfill your consumer needs or a new IT/Telecom solution for enterprise market, Procuretel will be your adept partner for market research and intelligence activities delivering insights that will result in lowered supply chain risks and increased procurement process efficiencies.

We deliver a truly fit-for-purpose framework that is aligned with market growth & your business strategy. Our work is utilized by our clients to define tender requirements, budget preparation, procurement method selection and bids/proposal evaluation. Make informed decisions by quantifying supply market trends, understanding competitor’s suppliers community, market risk of your approach to reduce your tender life cycle costs.

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